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Writer to Writer (Author Interviews): Connie May Fowler: The Influence of Family

FCCJ series of full length video interviews on the topic of writing
Author Connie May Fowler
Title The Influence of Family
Interviewer Mary Sue Koeppel
Producer Kathleen Clower
Director Mark Basse


Author Connie May Fowler reveals that initially she wrote to overcome the unfortunate circumstances of her childhood. Those circumstances inspired her to write Before Women had Wings which was adapted for television and starred Oprah Winfrey. She also discusses her experiences with Hollywood, how sense of place is an important theme in her novels, and her book Remembering Blue.

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Childhood Influences

Television Adaptations

Copyright 2001 Florida Community College at Jacksonville

Fowler, C.M. (2001). Interviewed by Mary Sue Koeppel [Video Recording]. The Influence of Family, Writer to Writer. YouTube, Jacksonville, Florida. 

Run time: 26 minutes