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Writer to Writer (Author Interviews): Stephen Birmingham : Writing Biography

FCCJ series of full length video interviews on the topic of writing
Author Stephen Birmingham
Interviewer Gerri Turbo
Title Writing Biography
Producer Kathleen Clower
Director Mark Basse

Copyright 1995 Florida Community College at Jacksonville


Stephen Birmingham, the author of several biographies (including one on Jacqueline Kennedy), discusses his experiences writing books while working full time as an advertising writer for Ladies Home Journal. He elaborates on how women are wonderful sources of history and inspiration for his writing, and outlines his process of research, planning and writing. He also gives advice to aspiring writers on how to make industry contacts and how to balance writing with the demands of everyday life.

Episode #: 15


Establishing Career

Research Techniques

Establishing Audience

Birmingham, S. (1995). Interviewed by Gerri Turbo [Video Recording]. Writing biography, Writer to Writer. YouTube, Jacksonville, Florida.

Run time: 27 minutes