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Writer to Writer (Author Interviews): Fred Park: Telling the Story

FCCJ series of full length video interviews on the topic of writing
Author Fred Park
Title Telling the Story
Interviewer Marcia Ladendorff
Producer Kathleen Clower
Director Mark Basse

Copyright 1997 Florida Community College at Jacksonville


Frederick Park discusses the craft of storytelling, the art of the joke, and how he transitioned from farmer and orchardist to storyteller in order to preserve the culture of Appalachia. Park asserts that oral stories are living and adaptable, allowing the storyteller to develop a rapport with various audiences and tells two comedic tales during the interview.

Episode #: ?



Oral Tradition


Park, F. (1997). Interviewed by Marcia Ladendorff [Video Recording]. Telling the Story, Writer to Writer. YouTube, Jacksonville, Florida.

Run time: 29 minutes