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Mathematics Tutoring: Online Tutoring

This guide provides information on additional tutoring resources for FSCJ students

Accessing Brainfuse

You may access the Brainfuse service in both the myFSCJ portal and Canvas.  Please see the access instructions below.

myFSCJ Access

  1. Log into myFSCJ.
  2. Click on the "Brainfuse Online Tutoring" link that appears in the Useful Links box on both the Faculty and Students pages in the portal:


Brainfuse Resources for Faculty


Other Brainfuse Resources for Students

Brainfuse Overview of Services

Brainfuse offers FSCJ students access to tutoring in a wide range of subjects.  Brainfuse is accessible via the myFSCJ portal and through tool links that faculty may embed in their Canvas courses.  Synchronous (LiveHelp) and asynchronous (Send a Question) tutoring support are available.  Aditionally, Brainfuse offers a number of academic and collaborative tools to further enhance the learning experience.  Below is a brief description of the features available in Brainfuse:

LiveHelp: Select this option to receive live help in a wide range of topics. Select the general Topic area and the more specific Subject area in in which you would like to receive assistance.  After selecting your Topic and Subject, you may click on the Tutoring Calendar link that is in this area to see when tutors are available to provide assistance in that area.

Send a Question:  If you have a question and do not want live help, you can submit a question for tutor response.

Writing Lab: Upload a paper for review by a tutor. Paper review typically has a 24-hour turnaround time.

Language Lab: Select this option for live tutoring support in Foreign Languages or to use the Vocabulary Builder for independent practice.

SkillSurfer: Live skills building and a library of lessons, videos, tests, and more.

LEAP Learning Platform: Diagnostic test center with customized study plans, lessons, and live tutoring.

FlashBulb: Create and share flashcards, tests, and games.

eParachute: Discover the college majors and careers that match your skills and interests.

MEET: Schedule sessions with friends in our private virtual study room.

Brainwave: Create and share movie-like notes and ideas.