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Research Help

This guide is a tutorial covering the basics of the academic research process.

Additional Searching Techniques


In addition to Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT), there are a couple more tools available to improve your searching:

Quotation marks are used for two or more keywords you want searched as phrases - the database will search for exactly what’s between the quotes.

Here is the updated search with quotation marks:

(social media OR Facebook OR Twitter) AND (online classroom OR online learning OR distance educationNOT “community college

Truncation is indicated by an asterisk * and will search for multiple endings of a word all at once. To search for a topic on management and include articles that discuss management, managers, and managing, use truncation.


Will search for:






You can also use truncation to search for the singular and plurals of “online classroom” and “community college” at the same time:

(social media OR Facebook OR Twitter) AND (online classroom*” OR online learning OR distance educationNOT “community college*”

*Research Tip: Your search statements will not always be long. They will vary in length depending upon your topic, and the number of related terms for your concept.