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Digital Writing Tools: Step 5: Find and Cite Your Sources

This guide is designed to help you get started on your writing assignments using all the most current technologies and digital writing tools.


Where Do I Find Sources?

This video will help you find books or eBooks. 

We have an entire page of videos to help you understand how to search and find good sources! 


Many FSCJ databases provide citations for the article or eBook. Try a search on your topic in our catalog below and look for the "Cite" or "Citation" link to see citations in APA, MLA and more.  (To see how to find the citation, start at 5:20 in the video.)


Find more help on the Research guide.


Want help from a knowledgeable human?  Our librarians are happy to assist you with finding great sources for your papers!   Head to our Chat page to find help.  (See the video below for information on accessing LibChat.)

How to Find a Librarian Online

Created by FSCJ Student Intern Raymond Natter

Search All Databases + All FSCJ Campus Libraries

Use the CRAAP Test to evaluate sources!

Searches and Sources

ProQuest Research Companion Source Evaluation Aid

If you want to check a website or online source for authority, use the link above to evaluate the quality of the website.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

FSCJ Citation Resources




APA Citation Help

Academic Writer - APA




Do you want help from a knowledgable person?  We have Writing Lab tutors that can assist you with citations!