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MLA Style: 8th edition: About

MLA 8th Edition Style Guide. Includes information on formatting for Works Cited page and within paper.

MLA 9th Edition

MLA 9th Edition is now available.  Be sure to consult the MLA Handbook or the online MLA Style Center for detailed standards and procedures. Follow this link or use the tab on this page to navigate to the MLA 9th Edition:

MLA Citation Style QuickGuide

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About MLA 8th Edition

The Modern Language Association of America introduced this latest handbook in early 2016. 

Overall, the biggest change is in how the citations are formatted.  Punctuation has been simplified and listing the format such as print or web has been removed. If you are interested in knowing more about the changes, please look on the MLA website or here

Many databases have citations in the MLA 8th edition format ready to copy and paste.  One caution: be sure the format is correctly done.  We have seen instances where it is not.



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