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Policies: Facilities and Services Overview

This guide provides information regarding the policies and procedures that guides LLC operations at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Section 3: LLC Facilities and Services Overview

Section 3: LLC Facilities and Services Overview

The College provides high-quality academic support and information services for faculty, students, and staff by offering full-service libraries, information literacy classes, tutoring services, academic workshops, computer labs, and adaptive technology for learners with disabilities. The two major service areas of the LLC are the Library, which provides library services, resources, and instruction--and the Learning Commons, where students may receive tutorial assistance and access other academic support resources. The LLC's physical facilities provide an optimal learning environment in which students may access needed materials and technology and receive academic support. The LLC offers varied study and instructional spaces to facilitate group and individual study. Users also have access to hundreds of computers with full Internet access, and they may access the Internet wirelessly. Some LLC locations are co-located with Faculty Resource Centers, which serve as a resource for faculty professional development, collaboration, and faculty wishing to incorporate media and technology into their instructional offerings. The LLC meets the needs of distance learners by providing online tutoring services and a robust collection of virtual library and learning resources. The LLC's organizational structure (see Appendix B) provides a seamless, collaborative service experience for students.

Library Services

Library Services facilities at each campus and center house a wide range of information resources including collections of print materials, electronic database subscriptions, periodicals, and a variety of audio-visual and multimedia materials. The library collections are organized using the Library of Congress Classification System.

Florida State College at Jacksonville is part of a statewide-automated information system that electronically connects state college and community college library collections. Use of the online catalog allows access to the Florida State College at Jacksonville collections, other college library collections, electronic databases, and worldwide information resources.

Access to all online information resources, including the library catalog, is available via a single sign-on login to MyFSCJ  .

The Library is staffed by faculty librarians who provide reference assistance and information literacy instruction, lead collection development efforts, and collaborate with faculty across the College to ensure that the LLCs are responsive to the academic needs of faculty and students. M o s t LLC locations provide library assistants and clerical staff who can assist patrons with locating materials, circulation assistance, and help with the use of technology.

Professional instruction, reference, and research assistance services are available upon request. Individual research assistance may be requested at the Library Services (Circulation/Reference) Desk. Reference resources include a broad selection of academic support materials in print and electronic formats. Faculty librarians provide instruction in searching and retrieval procedures for library resources. Information Literacy instruction and library orientations are offered in person within the LLC and online for distance education students and dual enrollment students. Library instruction is provided synchronously and asynchronously using tools such as LibGuides. Librarians collaborate with faculty and act as liaisons to assigned Schools to offer instruction in ways that best fit the needs of the faculty and students.

FSCJ libraries provide real time online access to reference assistance via phone, websites, text messaging, LibAnswers and LibChat. These services are accessible through the LibAnswers platform.  

All LLC services are available to currently enrolled students, including distance learners, faculty and staff. Extensive information regarding LLC services and resources is available on the LLC Student Resources website, Faculty Resources website, aand in the FSCJ Canvas learning management system (LMS).

Faculty Resource Centers

Faculty Resource Centers (FRC) collaborate with the Library to provide faculty support through the Office of Training & Organizational Development. FRCs are available at most campuses and often housed within the LLC. The FRC assists full-time and adjunct instructors in bringing new technologies and media to their curriculum. FRCs provide the full Adobe Creative Suite on Macintosh computers in addition to Apple software packages. The FRC staff offer faculty assistance with hardware and software such as computer programs for developing photos, audio files and movies to help faculty further engage students in course materials. The FRCs also maintain a supply of materials such as markers, folders, erasers, binders, etc., for faculty use. Faculty Development Specialists may conduct and host workshops in the FRC and assist faculty individually upon request. Online faculty resources are available through a faculty Canvas community. The Canvas community provides faculty with resources including “how to” tutorials for Canvas support and other information technology related topics.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons are “one-stop sites” that offer robust instructional technologies, helpful tutors, and a welcoming learning environment to support student academic success at all levels. Academic tutors and peer tutors work individually and with groups of students.  Tutors at all locations provide support in core academic areas such as reading, writing, math, and computers.  Additionally, select locations offer tutoring in science, foreign languages, aviation, nursing, and accounting. Tutors assist students at all academic levels, from students enrolled in developmental and Adult Education courses to those enrolled in the College's associate and baccalaureate degree programs. 

Distance learners may use any campus or center convenient for them or take advantage of a wealth of online tutoring resources. Online assistance is available via the Tutoring Services LibGuide. The College also provides 24/7 access to the online Brainfuse tutoring platform, which enables students to receive synchronous and asynchronous tutoring in a variety of disciplines, including writing, reading, mathematics, science, Spanish, business, nursing and allied health, computers, and technology.

The Learning Commons is staffed by professional career and student peer tutors who provide subject-specific tutoring, facilitate academic workshops, assist students with using the latest hardware and software, and help students develop study skills that will empower them to become increasingly independent learners.

Library Technical Services

Library Technical Services is the centralized unit that provides college wide database maintenance, cataloging, and processing of library materials. Technical Services staff ensure the College complies with library cataloging standards and facilitates timely access to materials purchased for students and faculty.

Locations and Hours of Operation

Library and Learning Commons Locations and Hours of Operation

LLC facilities are located at all FSCJ Campuses and Centers. Hours of operation for each campus LLC are determined locally to meet the needs of the campus or center course offerings. A listing of the current hours of operation (which vary from term to term and on holidays and breaks) is available on the LLC LibCal website.

Dual Enrollment and Off-Campus Instructional Sites

The College's Dual Enrollment program offers high school students opportunities to attend FSCJ college-level classes while attending high school. Once student data has been entered into FSCJ’s systems, dual enrollment students enrolled in FSCJ courses offered at off-site locations have the same LLC user privileges as those enrolled at the College’s campuses and centers. Students may visit any of the campuses or centers to take advantage of the physical services and resources offered by the LLC. During dual enrollment orientations, students are given an overview of LLC services and resources. Dual enrollment students may also utilize the full range of online resources offered to FSCJ students. Assessment statistics for Dual Enrollment services is available through a public Dual Enrollment Services dashboard.

Students enrolled at remote sites such as Naval Station Mayport and Naval Air Station Jacksonville also have access to the College’s physical and online resources and services.