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Policies: Governance

This guide provides information regarding the policies and procedures that guides LLC operations at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

LLC Governance

The LLC Council is comprised of staff, faculty, and administrators from service areas within the LLC and from other college departments. The LLC Council fosters college-wide collaboration and ensures consistent, accessible, appropriate, and adequate LLC services and resources across the College.

Library and Learning Commons Council

Statement of Purpose

Approved by Cabinet February 2013

Revised by LLC Council Executive Committee July 2013


The Library and Learning Commons Council functions as a strategic advisory council regarding opportunities to enhance, integrate, and assess library and learning services for students and faculty.

The Library and Learning Commons Council is tasked with sharing and gathering information to assist in making recommendations to LLC Administration for consideration and implementation. LLC Council meetings are open to all staff, faculty, professional and administrative staff of the LLC and any other interested parties.


The responsibilities of the Library and Learning Commons Council shall include the following:

  • Foster college wide collaboration and ensure consistent, accessible, appropriate, and adequate LLC services and resources across the College.
  • Recommend and review LLC procedures.
  • Make recommendations regarding staffing for the LLCs (Library Services, Learning Commons, and Library Technical Services).
  • Provide oversight of collection development to maintain library holdings and academic support resources.
  • Form standing committees and work groups tasked with developing, implementing, and revising the LLC institutional effectiveness plan and resultant projects.
  • Assist work groups tasked with developing curriculum and instruction related to information literacy.
  • Communicate issues related to Florida educational institutions, the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative (FALSC), the Council for Instructional Affairs – Learning Resources Standing Committee (CIA-LRSC), and other statewide organizations.
  • Coordinate with members of the Developmental Education Council regarding resources, services and procedures managed by the Library and Learning Commons that impact developmental learners.
  • Make recommendations regarding online LLC resources such as LibGuides, the FSCJ LLC website, and the Library discovery tool (Mango).
  • Assist in the review and maintenance of the college wide Library and Learning Commons Handbook.


The following representatives shall be considered either permanent members, or serve one-year terms as Committee representatives: Executive Dean of the Library and Learning Commons, Council Chair: Permanent

  • Associate Provost, Curriculum and Instruction: Permanent
  • Director/Lead Representative from each LLC: Permanent
  • Library Technical Services Representative: Permanent
  • Faculty Librarian Committee Representative: One year
  • Public Services Coordinator: Permanent
  • Student Support Services Representative: One year
  • Information Technology Representative: One year
  • Student Representative: One year
  • One Representative from each School, including FSCJ Online:  One year

Operating Procedures and Meeting Schedule:

  • The LLC Council meets once per academic term and/or as needed.
  • Each member is a voting member.

Faculty Librarian Discipline Council

Faculty Librarian Discipline Council

The Faculty Librarian Discipline Council is tasked with the operational planning, coordination, communication, implementation, and assessment reporting of the reference and instructional efforts of the LLC. The Council serves as an open conduit for communication of collective concerns, issues, or opportunities of faculty librarians and LLC Administration.


  • Full-time faculty librarians from each campus are permanent voting members.
  • Voting members select a Chair of the Council for a one-year term beginning in July.
  • A committee representative serves as a voting member of the LLC Council.
  • Part-time/adjunct librarians and LLC Administrators may participate in meetings as nonvoting members as scheduling permits.

Operating Procedures and Meeting Schedule:

  • The Faculty Librarian Discipline Council meets monthly and/or as needed.
  • The Council Chair collects agenda items and maintains the minutes of the Committee meetings.

Official File of Record:

  • Minutes for each meeting shall be recorded with a focus on informational and action items.
  •  Minutes shall be forwarded to the Library and Learning Commons Council for review.
  • An online archive of minutes and agendas shall be maintained in coordination with the office of the Executive Dean of the Library and Learning Commons.