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FSCJ Art Galleries: Common Thread

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Common Thread: Works by Amy Freeman, Lisa Iglesias, and Dayna Thacker

In January and February of 2021, the South Gallery exhibited Common Thread featuring the work of Amy Freeman, Lisa Iglesias and Dayna Thacker. The three women artists explore, subvert and elevate traditional craftmanship, material use and systems of thought through work that defies categorization.  

Concerned with the role of women today within all aspects of modern life, Amy Freeman creates mixed media quilts where the subject/s conveys the intricacies and stresses of the everyday. Inspired by the domestic traditions of quilting and the quilt itself, a multi-layered textile that often marks an important life event, her work combines this typically female craft with the traditions of painting. 

Interdisciplinary artist Lisa Iglesias explores the personal and geological act of creation and construction through her stop-motion animations and installation. The imperfection of the handmade, repetition, varying temporal scales and isolation of imagery are combined with blurred boundaries between disciplines and innovative material choices. 

Dayna Thacker’s interest lies in the systems that humans create for themselves in order to make sense of the world and our place in it.  Many of these systems are complex and far-reaching, created by deep thinkers, and many are of our own personal design, created to explain, organize or cope with situations in our individual lives. These themes are explored through collage, drawing and cut paper installations.  

For more information about the artists please see this virtual discussion with the artists about their work and the intersections between them.

The video by Lisa Iglesias is available here: 


More work by the artists can be seen here: 

Amy Freeman: 

Lisa Iglesias: 

Dayna Thacker: 

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