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Worth Quoting (Interviews): Dr. P. Keshava Bhat and Dr. Frank Bracho - Development and Environmentalism

Worth Quoting was made possible by Florida Community College at Jacksonville. The series was recorded from 1985 to 2005, and features a powerful collection of interviews.
Interviewees Dr. P. Keshava Bhat and Dr. Frank Bracho
Interviewer Hazel Henderson
Subject Environmentalism

Copyright 1993  Florida Community College at Jacksonville



Dr. Frank Bracho, former Ambassador of Venezuela to India, and Dr. Keshava Bhat, an Indian Professor of Botany, discuss why the old style of development used in the past has failed and society is now plagued by pollution, waste and sickness.  Dr. Bracho discusses his books, Redefining Wealth and Progress: New Ways to Measure Economic, Social, and Environmental Change and Toward a New Human Development Paradigm.  Dr. Bhat discusses how the dynamics of nature and civilization have changed creating an environment that does not support old models of development.



Environmentalism, Economic Change, Social Change

Dr. P. Keshava Bhat, Dr. Frank Bracho

Bhat, K. and  F. Bracho. (1993). Interviewed by H. Henderson  [Video Recording]. Worth Quoting. YouTube, Jacksonville, Florida.

Run time: 28 minutes