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Worth Quoting (Interviews): Carolyn Forche

Worth Quoting was made possible by Florida Community College at Jacksonville. The series was recorded from 1985 to 2005, and features a powerful collection of interviews.
Interviewee Carolyn Forche
Interviewer Mary Sue Koeppel
Subject Politically engaged poetry
Title An Interview with a Poet

Copyright 1990 Florida Community College at Jacksonville



Poet, teacher, translator, and activist Carolyn Forché - whose poetry has been praised by Joyce Carol Oates and who received a Guggenheim Fellowship and traveled to El Salvador with Amnesty International, where she witnessed the civil war  - discusses how she became a professional poet and shares selections of her politically engaged poetry.



poetry, human rights, Amnesty International, El Salvador

Carolyn Forche

Forche, Carolyn (1990). Interviewed by M.S. Koeppel [Video Recording]. An Interview with a Poet. Worth Quoting. YouTube, Jacksonville, Florida.

Run time: 30 minutes