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Worth Quoting (Interviews): Virginia Borrock and Julie Woodruff-Factors for Success

Worth Quoting was made possible by Florida Community College at Jacksonville. The series was recorded from 1985 to 2005, and features a powerful collection of interviews.
Interviewees Virginia Borrock and Julie Woodruff
Interviewer Kelly Williams
Subject Aspiring businesswomen

Copyright 1992 Florida Community College at Jacksonville



Making it to the Top: Factors for Success.For Women's Career Day, Kelly Williams interviews 1992 EVE Award finalists Virginia Borrock, executive director of Gateway Community Services, Inc., and Julie Woodruff, vice president of the Foundation for Health Care at Baptist Medical Center, about their professional success and offer suggestions to other aspiring businesswomen.



Women's Career Day executives, businesswomen, success

Virginia Borrock and Julie Woodruff-Factors for Success

Borrock, V. and J. Woodruff. (1992). Interviewed by K. Williams  [Video Recording]. Worth Quoting. YouTube, Jacksonville, Florida.

Run time: 25 minutes