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Worth Quoting (Interviews): Peter Russell - Consumerism

Worth Quoting was made possible by Florida Community College at Jacksonville. The series was recorded from 1985 to 2005, and features a powerful collection of interviews.
Interviewee Peter Russell
Interviewer Hazel Henderson
Subject Environmental Pollution and Climate Changes

Copyright 1992  Florida Community College at Jacksonville



Peter Russell, author of The White Hole in Time: Our Future Evolution and the Meaning of Now, speaks about his book and the inner roots of today's planetary crisis. He discusses with Hazel Henderson his belief that people are stuck in an egocentric way of thinking that has led to the destruction of our environment.



Evolution, Pollution, Climate Change, Consumerism

Peter Russell-Consumerism

Russell, P. (1992). Interviewed by H. Henderson  [Video Recording]. Worth Quoting. YouTube, Jacksonville, Florida.

Run time: 29 minutes